Tyler Walsh

Tyler Walsh is an Iowa born standup comedian who fancies himself a Midwest wanderer and meat snack enthusiast. In his free time you can find him riding his donkey Brutus shirtless along Iowa county highways and raving about the soothing affects of young living essential oils. With his unique brand of rural randomness, Tyler’s joke writing is a direct reflection on the odd way he chooses to live his on the fly life. From big cities to small town rodeo arenas, Tyler has entertained audiences all over the Midwest.

Tyler is a regular emcee at the Comedy Loft comedy club in Lincoln and recent winner of the Omaha FunnyBone’s Clash of the Comics contest.






Opening Ceremony Kickoff Show – 7pm, Thursday, Oct 3rd – Felix & Oscar’s

The Return of Squadzilla – 5pm, Saturday, Oct 5th – Lefty’s Live Music