Power Hour

Friday, October 4th – Midnight – Lefty’s Live Music

Comedians’ Power Hour (CPH) is a touring comedy show that pits comedians in head-to-head competition telling jokes and taking shots of beer on an exciting and inebriated journey to be crowned Power Hour Champion.

Like the college game it is named after, a typical CPH has comics drinking a shot of beer every two minutes, but in this show, the competitors also trade off doing two-minute sets of stand-up. As the hour goes on, hosts throw out challenges that play into the comics’ intoxication levels like doing two minutes of another comics’ material or giving an improvised Best Man Speech.

The show is hosted by Colorado’s prodigal son Brett Hiker (Comcast, Fox, Law & Order: SVU) and always features a special guest bartender!!

CPH originated in Albuquerque, NM and now has offshoots in NYC, Denver, Austin, Seattle and tours everywhere in between. Seeing a chance to change the typical comedy show format, a handful of comics created a game show that features a mixture of comedic styles and genres.

Voted several times as one of the Top Ten Best Comedy Shows in Denver, Westword describes CPH as, “A paen to comedic inebriation, [that] calls upon comics to compete in an increasingly absurd gauntlet of standup challenges punctuated by shots of beer.”