Jamie Carbone


Jamie Carbone is a comedian whose lifetime of nerdy experiences and faking adulthood have helped him find a voice for himself, originally in West Virginia, then Chicago, now Portland. He has been a featured performer for numerous showcases and festivals across the country, including Boston’s Thunderfest and Phoenix’s Bird City Comedy Festival, and is a past winner of West Virginia’s Last Comic Standing. He currently produces Chicago’s Slide Into Your DMs, a show that combines comedy with the random dice rolls and magical encounters of Dungeons and Dragons and Portland’s Comedy Bebop, a show by geeks for geeks. He spends his free time making jokes about Frasier on Twitter.






Killer Pizza Showcase – 9pm, Thursday, Oct 3rd – Felix & Oscar’s

Godchilla’s Joke Brew – 6pm, Friday, Oct 4th – Lefty’s Live Music

Slide Into Your DMs – 11pm, Saturday, Oct 5th – Lefty’s Live Music (Hosting)