Gabby Gutierrez-Reed


Gabby Gutierrez-Reed is a Denver based stand up comedian. She grew up in San Diego, but crafted her voice in the dive bars of Denver. She creates a unique experience with a range of high-energy jokes and characters. She has been featured in 303 magazine, has been in the 2018 and 2019 Longmont Laughfest, and hosts a comedy open mic every Thursday at The White Whale Room. You can see her performing regularly in venues across Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs.




Beast Village Presents: Megan Koester – 10pm, Friday, Oct 4th – Lefty’s Live Music

The Return of Squadzilla – 5pm, Saturday, Oct 5th – Lefty’s Live Music

The Hour of the Manticore – 4pm, Sunday, Oct 6th – Gas Lamp