Chris Damen

Chris DamenChris Damen got into comedy so he could travel.  Over the past eight years, Chris has traveled to perform for audiences from New York to Vancouver and places in-between.  His dark, personal, intelligent narrative has delighted audiences at the Orlando Indie Comedy Festival, Cream City Festival, Motor City Comedy Festival and Beast Village Comedy Festival.  When he’s not on the road, Chris is preparing for his comedy game show Death Metal Geography Teacher.  It’s best described as Pee-Wee’s Playhouse meets Where in the World is Carmen San Diego meets the worst day in a community college geography class.  On Friday night’s Chris hosts the popular open mic, Power HOUR!, which has branched off to New York’s Creek and the Cave.



Planet of the Japes – Friday, October 5th – 6pm – Lefty’s Live Music

The Return of Squadzilla – Saturday, October 6th – 7pm – Lefty’s Live Music